1. Roland – For healing as he is hospitalized as well as continued healing for Glenda and so Zeny doesn’t get it

    • Pray also for Daryl and healing and also to protect Aprile, Artigas and Enrique​

  2. Pastor and family as they are all over the place helping everyone

  3. Rosa as she still has a long road to recovery and strength for Alan, Nao and George

  4. Jeff’s boss who is not doing well with his cancer
  5. Those who are being hit financially due to COVID-19 and/or impacted at all in other areas

    • Tomy at her work for protection​

    • Senen's work situation

  6. Those who are still impacted in Philippines from the volcano

  7. Those who are feeling isolated, discouraged and stressed to remind them that there is hope in Christ

  8. Masami and Akiko in Japan as they continue to spread the gospel

  9. Those who have to work serving the public – please pray for their safety

  10. Let all blame, prejudices, anger be converted to prayer, love and service to fellow man and what we can do to help others and within our own homes

  11. Pray, during this time, everyone works on building their relationship with Father and to keep our focus on Him

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