Mark 11:24

“Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.”

  1. Prayers of Thanks! Thank you all for your consistent prayers!

    • Thankful Pastor returned from Calgary safely

    • Thankful for our new roof! Looks beautiful! Pictures attached!! God provides!!

    • Answered unspoken, silent prayers

    • God's daily lessons, patience and mercy
    • God's daily provisions - Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

  2. New Requests

    • Sister Ruth’s Mother is hospitalized with pneumonia – please pray for fast healing and peace, wisdom for her caretakers

    • There are a few people traveling – some have landed, some scheduled for next week - please pray for their safety including Jeff who will be going to RI so no issues at the border

    • Our next shelter run Sept 17th or 24th 

    • For the evangelism series starting Sept 27

    • Unspoken, silent prayers for health, work situations, money situations, relationship situations. safety and stronger faith in Him

  3. For Loss:

    • Those who lost loved ones and feel the loneliness

  4. For Health Issues:

    • Brother Neil – please pray for his physical condition that is not good. Please pray for peace and healing.

    • A dear member of our church family is going through a very difficult cognitive decline and going through extensive tests. Please pray for answers and miracle healing, for peace for the family that God is with them through every step of the way and for His mercy.

    • Andrew Corion (Grace’s husband) was diagnosed with Tuberculosis and Cancer and is currently hospitalized. Please pray for both of them and for God’s mercy, grace and healing and for the doctors and nurses attending to him.

    • Our sister Eriko who is in Tennessee going through therapy for her cancer. Please pray for her healing and peace for her and her family.

    • Couple of church members are having some physical issues recently – please pray for healing, protection and solutions.

    • George and Rosa’s condition after their stroke for healing and strength. And Alan and Nao as they take care of their parents.

    • Senen’s friend Sally Espanola who has a cyct in her pancreas and is in need for God’s healing and peace.

    • Pastor Hirota as he goes through his chemotherapy and his wife Yumiko-san's mother and brother
    • Evelyn’s brother Amorlito Alvarez is being treated for TB so please continue to pray for him.

    • Chuck's sister-in-law Sandy's health situation

    • There are a couple of members suffering from depression and anxiety

  5. For Covid-Related:

    • Glenda's workplace safety from Covid

  6. For our Seniors:

    • Our seniors who are having degrading memory issues

    • Our seniors and their protection from falls and mental health

    • Sister Sybil and her health

  7. For Miscellaneous Requests:

    • Cecil’s parents as they are in the States for few months – please pray for their safety and safe return

    • Those many we prayed for at the shelter run, especially Sam. Please pray that they remember what we said and are convicted by the Holy Spirit.

    • Praying for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and also those in Russia who have been pulled into this against their will.

    •  Continued prayers for our church as we continue to fine-tune our services and safety to all our visitors and participants as well as fixes to the church.

    • Shahbaz family as each of them continue to find employment – thank you everyone for the outpouring of support and great ideas and keeping your eyes open. Please continue to keep them in your prayers

    • Sister Joy’s church building in the Philippines as well to have enough funds to complete the church.

    • Our sister Joy Makula’s brother - for the presence of the Holy Spirit and that he will have the conviction in his heart to follow Christ.

    • Minori as she is going through difficult times

    • Jun’s continued process for PR visa

    • Those dealing with financial and job-related struggles

    • Akiko, Masami, Mie and Ryo back in Japan and their continued spiritual journey

    • Students away at school

  8. For those reaching out through our website:

    • Raajiv Prasad from our site - for energy, motivation and positive environment to be able to pray

    • Theo N from our site – someone has stolen his DV tapes and he asks if it’s God’s will to get them back

    • Charlie from our site – healing for his mental illness and for him to draw closer to Christ

    • Phil C from our site – prayers for his mother and salvation for his extended family and a life partner

    • John D – please pray for John as he asks for clarity on God’s will for him and accept His direction

    • Alan D – please pray for his mental illness (psychosis/schizophrenia/hallucinations)

    • Dain from our site is having a spiritual battle and asking for prayers for him and his family for deliverance and provision.

  9. For the Church and Ministries:

    • Outreach initiatives

    • And please each of you pray for the conviction of the Holy Spirit in your lives